On Your RADAR – Summer 2012

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What’s New with RADAR

New Dashboard Widgets
A dashboard can now include new configurable Gauge Widgets for Net Sales, Guests, Comps, Promos, Void by Period (Daily, WTD, PTD, QTD, YTD) and Compared (Prior, Prior Year, Budget, Forecast) These widgets provide a cool looking graphical representation of the selected metrics.

New Report
The new Non-Serving Time Report shows how long from clock-in time to first check open and then from last check closed to clock out time, by employee with sales. This report helps our clients determine an appropriate interval for their business and monitor and react to exceptions. For example, in some cases, servers may delay clocking in and actually work “off the clock” in order to maximize their income but in doing so create a labor law violation and liability for the company. This report is also valuable in states where there is a minimum percentage of service time vs side work/non-service time requirement.

New Key Info Component
The new Comparative Operations Statement allows you to build a dynamic view of the Operations Statement (if the optional GL Sales module is deployed), as a page on the site. Using the same setup page as the Operations Statement, you can set up different time frames, and compare these time frames against budget or another time frame. You can also save off your setup for future viewing.

Employee Data Field information can now be uploaded into Radar from a spreadsheet to quickly update employee records across the chain.

The powerful and accurate Radar Forecast is now separated out as a module with its own icon and provides permissions-based access to the configuration of basic metrics.  Additional advanced and custom metrics are configured by Client Services based on your company’s specific requirements.

On Line Manager Log
A new option provides the ability to search across all Location Groups.  Many clients use this capability to be able to quickly identify all Maintenance/Repair entries over a specified time period for the entire chain.

-A new ” I viewed the log” button can be set up to monitor and ensure the log is being viewed by specific users.

A new option provides a Chart Notes Summary with the chart, which serves a legend of specific highs or lows and events.

Profit Building with Ctuit

Using Checkbooks to Manage Spending

Ctuit’s GL module includes “checkbook” functionality to let your managers know how much budget they have remaining to spend in any given period, for each cost category.

Checkbooks can be configured with fixed or sliding “ceilings” and “floors”. Controllables, for example are often managed as fixed values. (You can only spend X dollars on R&M.) However, Food Costs will “slide” up or down depending on sales volumes.

Finally, your managers can monitor in real-time how much budget they have left on their dashboard:


Checkbooks are configured under the “GL Sales” module. Please contact us today for more information.

New Clients

Ctuit welcomes the following new clients to our family:

  • Deli Planet (Jason’s Deli Franchisee) has 9 locations in the Las Vegas and Utah markets. The company offers a standard deli style menu including traditional sandwiches such as Po’boys and muffalettas. Jason’s Deli won the 2008 Nation’s Restaurant News Golden Chain Award, and Restaurants & Institutions’ 2007 and 2006 Consumers’ Choice in Chains Gold Award in the sandwich segment.
  • LYFE Kitchen is a transformational, socially-responsible “lyfestyle” brand whose acronym stands for: Love Your Food Everyday.  Their Mission is to answer one of America’s greatest unmet consumer needs by providing great-tasting, affordable, good-for-you food while making a positive impact on all of the communities we serve.
  • Dos Coyote’s Border Cafe owner, Bobby Coyote, left Los Angeles in May 1990 to bring a new, innovative restaurant concept to life in Davis, California. In January 1991, Dos Coyotes Border Cafe was born, with the opening of the first Davis restaurant at The Marketplace. Since then, seven more Dos Coyotes have opened in the greater Sacramento region including an outlet in the new Sacramento Terminal B Airport. With a trail of happy tummies everywhere, Dos Coyotes is poised to become the favorite southwestern (not to be confused with fresh-mex) restaurant in the universe.
  • Larkburger started with a burger. And a world-class restaurant in Vail, Colorado. You wouldn’t think the original Larkburger would stand out in a restaurant like Larkspur and in a place like Vail. But then again, the Larkburger isn’t like any other burger. It’s a celebration of flavor, a testament  to taste and the result of our chef’s dedication to quality.
    Larkburger fast became one of the most popular items on the Larkspur’s menu, so they decided to bring the Larkburger to the world in a restaurant all its own.

Events and News

  • In the News
    • Ctuit clients rank 4 out of the top 10 top-rated restaurants in specific categories, according to Consumer Reports.
    • Visa and Mastercard recently settled the largest class action lawsuit in U.S. historythat alleged the card issuers conspired to fix the fees that restaurants/stores pay to accept credit cards. Restaurants may be eligible to a portion of the estimated $6 billion rebate, depending on their Visa / Mastercard volume since 2004, and the merchant fees paid.
    • KBKG is a new Partner of Ctuit.
    • Client Services at Ctuit has experienced some recent expansion to their existing team. With the added growth in additional business and new names added to the Ctuit Family of Clients, we have added some great personnel to our team. There is a lot a great support and knowledge in our Client Services team. Not to be forgotten, our engineering team in Houston has also added valuable team members to support and enhance our service to all clients. We would like to take a moment to recognize each and every person’s contributions and welcome them to Ctuit.

Customer Spotlight


Islands Restaurants was founded in 1982 with a basic philosophy – serve great, fresh food with friendly service in a fun atmosphere. Their vision of a restaurant would offer a simple, original menu featuring gourmet hamburgers, specialty drinks and a fun, tropical theme. Islands was an instant hit — and ran out of food the first night at their West Los Angeles location, and they’ve been building a loyal following ever since. Since that first night, they have been slowly expanding and building upon their early success. You can now find 53 Islands Restaurants throughout Southern California and Arizona. Over the years, they added more items to the menu and a lot more burgers have been served along with a lot of their baskets full of fresh-cut fries, perfected their salads and soft tacos. However, their commitment to the guests they serve and love – has never wavered.

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