On Your RADAR – Winter 2013

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What’s New with RADAR

A new Advanced Setting “Force Location Group” to the Current vs. Last Year (X) widgets allows a user to set the Location Group specifically for the widget, overriding the Location Group to which the dashboard is set.

New Alert
A new email alert for “Late Clock Out” has been added which shows employees who clock out after a configurable hour.

“Report Descriptions Tooltips”, provides a quick hit overview of what a particular report does. This is toggled on by the little icon on the Report pages, immediately to the left of the Report Icon Key box.

A new Step 3 option is added to the Labor Scheduling Roster report, which provides the choice of sort by Scheduled In, Actual In, and Notes.

Labor Scheduling
A new permission option, “Can Manage Unavailability” grants or restricts users from accessing the Unavailability section of the Labor Scheduling module.

A “Use Color Coding on Schedule Builder” option under settings in the Labor scheduling module allows you to match the colors setup in Company Configuration/Jobs, rather than the default of Assigned Shifts = Green | Unassigned Shifts = Pink | Edited Shifts = Yellow.

New PDF Help Files
Files can be viewed and downloaded from My Account\Help Files or My Account\Support Icon\Help Status. Documents on Poll Status, Key Info, Forecasts, Rankings, Manual Data Entry, Quick Inventory, and Quick Plate Costs are currently available, with more documentation to be made available soon.

Intraday Alerts
There are new alerts batches available for Intraday Polling.

“High Comps”, “High Promos”, “High Voids”, “High Refunds”, and “Approaching OT with Punches”

We’re reusing the Overtime Warning Report / Approaching Overtime Widget / Approaching OT Email Alert configuration for this. To keep from spamming the same employee names all day long, it will show employees who worked between the last two poll times AND who are above the overtime limits.

Profit Building with Ctuit

Watching Inventory Item Trends
Ctuit has several tools to help you manage your Cost-Of-Goods.  One of them is the Inventory Item Price Chart (II Price Chart).  You can use this nifty tool a few different ways to help monitor whether the cost of items are going up or down, or how the cost of an item compares to other locations. Here are a few ways this can help.
Let’s say you’re working on a menu item that will run for the next six months. You’ve portioned it and costed it profitably, but you’re using some seasonal ingredients. Will the menu item still be profitable in 4 months?  With the II Price Chart, you can look at the seasonal trend of the ingredient costs.  Select your item and dates, and while you can’t predict what the price will be in the future, you can get a good sense of the item’s volatility, and whether there is a spike at one time of year or another.
In order to keep this menu item profitable, you might opt to switch some ingredients, like vegetables or starches.  You can use the II Price Chart to compare the price history of several Inventory Items at the same time.
Additionally, you can compare price history across locations for the same ingredient, which can be very useful if you have fluctuations in theoretical item costs. For example, if one location’s cost of an item is out of line with the rest of your organization, you can see if it’s because that location’s costs have gone up more than others.



New Clients

Ctuit welcomes the following new clients to our family:
  • Taco Palenque has 15 locations in Texas with authentic Mexican food. On July 31, 2005 along with the support of their children, the founders opened in Laredo Texas “Palenque Grill” and a year later, on August 1, 2006, opened the second restaurant in McAllen with a concept of “full service” excellent authentic Mexican dishes served in a very bohemian atmosphere. This group as bloomed into a thriving business across multiple locations preserving their heritage and food from their homeland.
  • Zianos Italian Eatery is an Italian-American Bistro in Fort Wayne, IN offering a warm, family-friendly environment. In the spirit of Italian culture, Zianos prides itself in fresh, homemade dishes and exceptional hospitality. Their goal is to provide an affordable, unpretentious Italian experience while supporting local businesses and community.
  • Charlotte, NC FS Food Group, is Frank Scibelli‘s collection of well-loved dining establishments, including Mama Ricotta’s for traditional, authentic Italian dishes, Midwood Smokehouse for hardwood smoked BBQ, Paco’s Tacos and Tequila for Southwestern Mexican Cuisine and Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, a chef inspired burger joint.

Events and News

We are listening to you

Each month, we receive dozens of custom requests. We work hard to accommodate your specific needs.
The Problem:  The client didn’t want an invoice marked as “Reviewed” to be editable.
The Solution:  We added in a new red takeaway user setting “Cannot Edit Reviewed Invoice.”
The Problem:  Client felt the Inventory Activity page was a fantastic tool, but had some GL Codes they’d prefer to leave off in their analyses.
The Solution:  The page is now even more fantastic, as you can check box toggle the exact GL Codes you wish to display.
The Problem:  Client loves that they can color code their Labor Schedules per job, but wondered why the Schedule Builder doesn’t display with these colors, too.
The Solution:  The Schedule Builder is colored based on the status of the shift (Is an Employee Assigned?  Is an Employee currently not Assigned?  Was this Shift edited?).  We added an option to allow you to designate whether to keep these original color code logic in place, or instead override the colors based on your selections per job.

Customer Spotlight


Since 1992, the family of Francesca’s Restaurants has grown from a single location on North Clark Street to 24 locations throughout Chicagoland and locations in Wisconsin, North Carolina, Arizona and California. With a focus on exceptional service and quality ingredients, Francesca’s consistently changes the menu to offer the freshest, seasonal rustic Italian dishes. Touted as casual dining in a sophisticated, trattoria ambiance, each individual Francesca’s restaurant has become ingrained in their community. Consistently amazing food, great service and even better prices is the concept’s hallmark!

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