On Your RADAR – Spring 2013

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What’s New with RADAR

Intraday Polling – The “Sales Snapshot” alert will deliver up to the moment, same day sales info via email to your desktop or mobile device.

Intraday Polling – “Hours Worked Today” will notify via email when an employee has exceeded a configurable number of hours for the day.

We added the ability to view unavailable and unscheduled employees on the View Schedules page.

Potential Labor % – The Key Numbers and Key Numbers Weekly dashboard widgets now have additional metrics: “Potential % Calculated Less Special Pay”, “Potential % Calculated Less OT/ DT”, and “Potential % Calculated Less Special Pay/OT/ DT”.

We added the ability to add messages across multiple locations.

The “DOB” column on the OML Sales Figures widget will now show when viewing the current day if you are signed up for Intraday Polling.

We added the ability to set up default notes for OML Staffing Types. These notes will automatically populate the ‘Notes’ field when a new staffing note is added.

We added the ability for users to “Default RADAR Date to Today” under My Account / Manage Account. This way, users can flip themselves to the current day for Intraday Polling data.

Users can now select “GC Sold” under the ‘Metric’ drop-down on the Rankings page.

We added a new Step 3 Option, “Show Kitchen Event Summary – Beverage” to the Kitchen Event Menu Summary report. This will include the Beverage items on the report in addition to the Kitchen items.

You can now “Include Details” when viewing employee comp|promo|void statistics on the Opportunity Identifier – Employee report. This will include rows by comp|promo|void type on the report. We also added a new option, “Show Employee Tender Statistics”, which operates along the same lines as the existing comp|promo|void choices. For tenders, however, you have to “Include Details” (otherwise, there’s no value).

Object Descriptions Report. This report shows short descriptions of all our reports, charts, exports, dashboard widgets, and email alerts, and can be accessed from the Reports module under the ‘Site Administration’ tab.

Labor Summary Report – added columns for “Declared Tips” and “CC Tips”.

Added the ability to merge Vendor Purchase Items.

Created a new error message that warns the user when they are about to merge EDI-based Vendor Purchase Items.

Added an additional price calculation scheme for determining the cost of inventory items, “Weighted Average of Last 5 Weeks of Prices”. This option is calculated by adding all purchased information for the selected inventory item for the last five weeks and dividing it by the total quantity.

Added the option “Show Inventory Cycle” to the Theoretical vs. Actual Cost by GL report. This option will only calculate the theoretical and actual cost for items whose inventory cycle matches what is selected from the ‘Inventory Cycle’ drop-down.

Profit Building with Ctuit

Intraday Polling
Recently, Ctuit introduced Intraday Polling to RADAR.  In the past you were limited to viewing information for the prior day.  Now, you can configure polling all day long to get mid-shift updates and alerts.

How can you leverage this? Two big areas in improving your profits lie with managing labor and identifying suspicious activity while managers and staff are still on site for review and corrections.  Here’s an example of an overtime alert that warns you if employees have reached their hour threshold for the day or week:

Often, this is overlooked in the middle of busy shifts; but by receiving these alerts to your smartphone, your managers can be reminded and can take steps to curb overtime.

In addition to helping alert you and your managers of overtime, RADAR can also alert you to suspicious activity such as checks with high voids or comps.

For a full list of RADAR’s intraday alerting capabilities, please contact your Ctuit representative today.

New Clients

Ctuit welcomes the following new clients to our family:
  • Marlow’s Tavern – Marlow’s Tavern features the “Best of the Best” in American tavern fare served in a modern atmosphere. The menu offers a diverse combination of classic dishes that are updated and elevated to gourmet level. Marlow’s Tavern has a warm neighborhood yet contemporary feel that is the perfect complement to John Metz’s modern-tavern menu.
  • FAZ Restaurant Group – This full-service restaurant and bar offers guests a comfortably elegant ambiance with modular indoor and outdoor seating. With four Northern California locations, FAZ serves Mediterranean cuisine including fragrant pizzas & fresh flat bread prepared in their wood-burning oven.
  • Hog Island Oyster – Hog Island Oyster Farm leases 160 acres in Tomales Bay where they raise over 3 million Pacific, Kumamoto and Atlantic oysters per year as well as Manila clams and mussels. As advocates for the oceans and environment, they are proud that Hog Island oysters and shellfish are on the Super Green List of sustainable seafoods: good for you and good for the oceans! Hog Island Oysters can be enjoyed at 17 Northern California restaurants including their own Hog Island Oyster Bar and Chez Panisse.

Customer Service News

We have ongoing training sessions and demos. Please refer to RADAR for more specifics. We hope you will join us at the following sessions:
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday we will have “General Training Webinars” for all users designed to acclimate new users on navigating within RADAR.
  • In April we will train admin users or users with proper permissions on setting up report batches and email alerts.
  • In April, May, and June, we will train both site admin and general users on the Online Manager’s Log. We will also train admin users and users with proper permissions
    on setting up and managing users and privilege groups.
  • In May we will conduct a 3-part Key Info modules drill-down series with one part per week on Sales Association, Server Performance, and Check Explorer.  This is open to all users.
  • Join us in June for Configuring Dashboards (admin users or users with proper permissions only).
Keep your eyes open for additional module demos too!

Events and News

In the News

  • Ctuit, along with Lathrop & Gage, is hosting a Hospitality Roundtable event designed to provide you with information on current trends and hot topics in the restaurant industry.  This is a chance to learn more about wage and hour law, social media trends and fallout, managing employee theft, and much more.  After the session, you will have a chance to mingle and meet with the presenters as well as colleagues in the industry. There is no cost to attend but space is limited, so if you are interested in participating, please reserve your spot by emailing Denise at dpepp@ctuit.com.
  • March 2013 marked not only our 13th anniversary, but our 3,000th restaurant client. Thank you all for your support over the years.
  • Congratulations to 10 of our clients who are honored to be the top NRN Breakout Brands of 2013.
    Bagger Dave’s
    The Melt
    Pitfire Artisan Pizza
    Tender Greens
    Umami Burger
    Asian Box
    Roti Mediterranean Grill

Have you seen our blog? Stay tuned for industry news and cost savings tips.

We are listening to you

Each month, we receive dozens of custom requests. We work hard to accommodate your specific needs.

The Problem:  Now that we support Intraday Polling (for some POS types), our clients wanted a way to be alerted when an employee worked over a set threshold of hours.
The Solution:  We added a new Intraday Polling alert, “Intraday – Hours Worked Today”.

The Problem:  A client was curious as to how we were calculating “Potential Labor %”, and after our answer, wanted more flexibility as to the calculation.  They felt we should include the option to remove overtime and double time from the calculation.
The Solution: For both places on the site that show potential labor %, we now give you the option to select whether you want to remove special pay; overtime and double time, or special pay, overtime, and double time.

The Problem:  A client found a lot of value in our Pmix by Hour – Extended Options export, but really wanted the ability to analyze down to the half hour.
The Solution:  We built a second version of this export, Pmix by Half Hour – Extended Options, that will allow them to do their analysis at the half hour level.

The Problem:  A client wanted their chefs at the store level to be able to create recipes for their location, but not to be able to add or edit recipes for any other location.
The Solution:  We had a pre-existing “Recipe Books Only” user setting, which allowed you to assign users to a recipe book, where they could only see the recipes assigned to that book.  That solved part of the equation, but they couldn’t add a new recipe to the system. Therefore, we added a new user setting “Can only create recipes within their Recipe Book”, that works in conjunction with the “Recipe Books Only” setting, to get the client where they wanted to go.

The Problem: When emailing employees their schedules via the Labor Scheduling module, a client felt they needed more granular control over the specific employees to email, rather than blasting the entire staff.
The Solution:  You can now select individual employees to be emailed. There is still a “Select All” option, if you want to send to everyone, which preserves the original functionality.

Customer Spotlight


In 1861 a gold prospector fell in love with Strawberry Valley and opened an Inn near Mt Shasta City. This inn overlooked the wild berry patches nearby that were frequented by both black bears and people alike. In 1995, the first Black Bear Diner opened on the site of old strawberry patches near Mt. Shasta where legendary black bears are native. The menu, service and decor were designed to remind the guest of a time when life was a little more simple, and service and quality were the cornerstones of business. Each restaurant is still dedicated to the same simple concepts that made the original inn at Strawberry Valley famous, with home-style cooking and personal service.

Although the family of restaurants called Black Bear Diner has grown from the single location at Mt. Shasta, to over 50 restaurants in the Western United States, each restaurant is still dedicated to the same simple concepts that made the original inn at Strawberry Valley famous.
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