On Your RADAR – Summer 2013

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What’s New with RADAR

Ctuit is proud and excited to introduce our new mobile app, On The Fly™, giving our clients the ability to control costs and manage their businesses with access to data anytime, anywhere. On The Fly™ delivers your restaurants’ critical data to your mobile device. We have listened to your comments and have provided an optimum mobile experience with our new mobile app. We are hoping this makes your sales and labor tracking even easier and more convenient. Features include:
– Monitor sales, labor and items sold at the organization, location and check level detail.
– Communicate with your team through the Manager Log.
– Add Intraday Polling to receive near real time data allowing for more timely business decisions.

We added the ability for a Super Admin to edit or deactivate any OML entry. Also, now you can search for OML entries made by a specific user.

This new feature allows you to compare the data of a single location against a control group. Groups can be built to represent sales volume, location, labor percent or whatever metric is desired. Please contact Client Services for more information.

This module gives our clients access to a cost-efficient and faster solution to custom reporting. The ERD allows you to write your own code and therefore requires a programmer on staff.  Once a report is built, you can easily publish it to RADAR so that it can be accessed and run from RADAR.

We created additional filters on the “Inventory Variance Report”.  The new options include various ways to display current and past price and cost information (posted or live), viewing whole recipes or basic ingredients, and filtering by a specific GL Code or Inventory Item.

Profit Building with Ctuit

Benchmarking Dashboards

Ctuit is pleased to announce the release of our first Benchmarking Dashboards!
Benchmarking allows you to compare each restaurant to multiple “Control Groups” for blind-comparative reporting.  Now your managers can see how their performance (among a variety of performance metrics) stacks up against their peers within your organization, while hiding each location’s details.
This is especially powerful for franchise environments, where access to location data outside one’s own is typically restricted more than in a completely company-owned environment.

Radar Benchmarking Dashboards comes included with standard polling.

Please contact us to learn more on how to set up and configure the Benchmarking Dashboards.

New Clients

Ctuit welcomes the following new clients to our family:

La Boulange Cafe & Bakery specializes in traditional French breads, pastries and desserts as well as soups, quiches, salads, open-faced sandwiches and brunch items. Their 20 Bay Area locations are reminiscent of a warm and inviting country-French neighborhood café with a casual, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Catering is also available for events from office meetings to bridal showers.  Thier passion is to bring a little piece of France to your neighborhood!

Spinato’s Pizzeria
Established in 1974 by Chicago natives Ken and Elaine Spinato, Spinato’s is a family owned and operated Chicago-style pizzeria with five locations in the Phoenix area. Three generations of the Spinato family have perfected the award-winning menu, bringing home multiple local and culinary awards for their recipes, crafted with homemade dough, marinara, pizza sauce, dressings and desserts. The family atmosphere is as welcoming as the staff who work to provide each guest with “The Spinato’s Experience.”

Paul Martin’s American Grill
“Local. Seasonal. Delicious.” is the mantra of Paul Martin’s® back-to-the-farm American Grill. The restaurant’s focus on local, sustainable and organic extends to the bar, which features seasonal fruit-infused vodkas made in house, an interesting array of local craft beers and a wine list that offers more than 100 bottles of mostly California wines.This top California restaurant, with locations in Roseville, Irvine, Westlake Village, and El Segundo, is the long-nurtured dream of restaurateurs Brian Bennett and Paul Fleming. Their San Mateo location will open on July 8th.
Started by three brothers from California, Calexico serves a “hybrid cuisine influenced by Mexican cuisine and American barbecue” via three food carts and four “brick & mortar” locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  Additional units will be opening soon in other cities.

Customer Service News

Customer Service News

Ctuit is now offering General Training Webinars, which are open to all clients. These Webinars are designed to teach your general users how to log on and navigate the Ctuit site. We will show them how to run reports and teach them about Ctuit modules, functions and features that they may not be familiar with. Additionally there are admin and configuration webinars designed to help you maintain your database.

We have a new feature on the site where users can sign up for trainings via RADAR. To do this simply log into Ctuit and navigate to the Training tab, next to Help and Account in the upper left corner of your database. Keep your eyes open for new webinars through this page!


Events and News

In the News

  • Our Mobile App, On The Fly™, has launched! Now you can track trends, spot opportunities and make decisions while working from home or on vacation. On The Fly™ is available through Google Play and the Apple App Store for smartphones and tablets.
  • Thank you to everyone who attended our first annual Hospitality Roundtable event in April. We all benefited from better understanding trends in the restaurant industry and health care issues affecting our industry.
  • Have you seen our blog? Stay tuned for industry news and cost savings tips.

We are listening to you

Each month, we receive dozens of custom requests. We work hard to accommodate your specific needs. Here are some recent custom requests we created.
THE PROBLEM:  A client, using our labor scheduling module, wanted an easy way to verify that all their locations were appropriately entering their schedules one week ahead.
THE SOLUTION:  We added a configurable email alert, “Missing Labor Schedules”.  This alert will sniff out holes in the schedules, where a location hasn’t entered their schedules for a week, and send out an email.  It will always test the current week, and you can optionally choose to look forward or back up to 4 weeks as well.
THE PROBLEM:  A client had all their plate costs entered into their POS.  They wanted to transition on to our Recipes module, but did not want to lose the ability to report the costs for stores that had not yet moved on to our system.Unfortunately, our reports were either/or: either we used the costs collected from the POS or we used the costs as calculated via our Recipes module.
THE SOLUTION:  We added ‘Mixed Costs’ support to three reports, where we will now use costs as calculated via Recipes, and if not present, use the costs as collected from the POS.
THE PROBLEM:  A terminated manager, disgruntled at their separation with the company, posted various unflattering entries into the OML: past, present, and future.Unfortunately, there was no quick way to locate all entries made by this individual, and remove them in an expeditious fashion.
THE SOLUTION:  We added an additional filter to the OML Search page, that allows you to filter by entries made by a specific user.You may also bulk deactivate entries from this page.
THE PROBLEM:  Our default time record import behavior imports all activity within the past 21 days.  A client wanted to be able to ‘lock’ a pay period’s time records from being edited once they had processed payroll for that time frame.  This would preserve the time records in their original state for future audit purposes.
THE SOLUTION:  We had implemented something along these lines as a custom request a few years ago. We went back, reviewed that custom piece, extended the locking logic to all POS interfaces, and made this available for our entire client base.
THE PROBLEM:  Over time, the list of Receive Units for a company can grow to an unmanageable size.
THE SOLUTION:  We added a way to merge several Receive Unit definitions into one.  This way, you can winnow out no longer active Receive Unit definitions, and view your history based on currently active Receive Units.

Customer Spotlight



VooDoo BBQ & Grill opened its first location in New Orleans on Mardi Gras Day 2002 and has expanded to reach 53 planned locations in six states. VooDoo is the sound, the soul and the taste of BBQ, New Orleans-style. Brisket, pork, chicken, gumbo, salads and burgers all with the spice and magic of Louisiana. VooDoo serves competition-style barbecue beef, pork and chicken with unique side dishes, plus salads and sandwiches, in a clean, colorful fast casual environment. VooDoo is introducing their New Orleans style BBQ to more cities every day.
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