On The Fly Keeps Business Owners Up to Date

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QSR Magazine

Ctuit Software, a leader in business intelligence (BI) software for restaurants, announced that its clients are accessing their data and enhancing their operations with Ctuit Software’s new mobile app, On The Fly.

Ctuit’s mobile application gives users access to critical information, helping them manage their business anytime, anywhere. Ctuit clients using On The Fly can track trends, spot opportunities, and make decisions based on relevant, actionable information. Clients can also communicate with their teams through the Online Manager Log, manage labor, and control overtime costs.

“This intuitive reporting tool empowers our users to access information quickly, whether they are working on-site or away from their restaurant locations,” states Rob D’Ambrosia, the president and CEO of Ctuit Software. “Today, people have adopted mobile devices as part of mainstream life. Providing appropriate business decision support tools that are easily accessible by their mobile and tablet devices is a requirement for today’s busy restaurant operators. We are confident that On The Fly will enhance their experience of the Ctuit RADAR services and information from wherever they are in the world and however they access the Internet.”

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