On Your RADAR – Fall 2013

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What’s New with RADAR

Did you know that you can use the Manager Log in conjunction with the Employee Data Module to track expiration dates of things like Food Handler Cards, Bartender Certifications, and Anti-Harassment Training? Additionally, automatic reminders can be emailed so you remember to speak with employees before these important documents expire.

REPORT BATCHES via EMAIL for Same Day Numbers
We have added the ability to schedule report batches to run after intraday polling. These batches can either be scheduled to run after each intraday poll has been completed, or scheduled to run at a specified time. Intraday Report Batches allow you to get your same day performance data direct to your inbox. Contact Client Services for more information and for assistance setting up intraday polling or report batches.
This report provides you with a simple way to monitor the number of hours worked by your employees during a given week and over the course of numerous weeks. This report can be especially helpful in monitoring which employees are approaching certain hour thresholds. For example, if you want to know when employees work more than 30 hours per week, you can set the ‘Hours equal to or greater than’ field to 30 so that all hour values that are greater than 30 are colored red.
ON THE FLY™ (our mobile app. available in the App Store and on Google Play) has a new version (1.1) with several updates. This update includes a variety of new features that will continue to enhance your ability to view and manage your restaurant’s critical data from your smartphone or tablet.

The New ‘Today’ Tool
The New ‘Today’ Tool (in conjunction with Intraday Polling) displays important sales and labor information about the current day.

  • Sales: The Sales section displays the sales, guest count, check count, and entrée count for each hour of operation at the selected location.
  • Approaching Overtime: This section displays a list of employees that are approaching overtime according to the overtime thresholds set up in Company Configuration.
  • Shifts: This section displays a list of all the shifts scheduled at the selected location. This section also displays the scheduled in/out times for each shift and the actual in/out times for each shift.

The New ‘Key Info’ Module
Like the Key Info module in RADAR, the Key Info module in On the Fly™ can display information for a variety of different metrics (e.g., Net Sales, Gross Sales, Labor Dollars, Labor Hours, etc.) during various date ranges at a selected location or location group. The red/green goal color scheme has also been incorporated into the mobile version of this module.

Improved Search Functionality on the ‘Check Reprint’ Tool
The search functionality on the Check Reprint tool has been improved to allow for more dynamic check searches. The ‘Keyword or #’ field can now be used to search many parts of a check to quickly find a match. This enables searching for checks with a specific item sold, server, table number, or payment.

Ability to Reply to a Manager Log Message
Selecting “reply” at the end of the message will allow you to respond to messages from your mobile device.

On The Fly™ is available in the App Store and on Google Play.

Profit Building with Ctuit

Optimal Forecasting
Forecasting, which is the practice of predicting the level of upcoming business, often gets overlooked when running day to day operations. Don’t let this happen. Knowing how busy you will be is the cornerstone piece of data for purchasing the right amount of product and scheduling the right amount of staff.

While you can spend tens of thousands of dollars on a complex methodology, RADAR has a powerful forecasting tool built in for you to leverage.

On the Forecasting module, click the “Show Day of Week Trend” check box near the bottom. This will display a day-of-week grid of recent and prior year history. The number of weeks-into-the-past and weeks-into-the-future are configurable, but in essence, the system will determine what percentage you are trending versus last year.

Then the system will apply the recent year-over-year trend against your upcoming days. For example, let’s say you are trending up 4% in sales over the past 5 Tuesdays. The system will take a look at next Tuesday, and apply that 4% increase against the corresponding Tuesday from last year.

The module will let you exclude individual days from last year in the event that you had outlying situations or events like a buyout or extreme weather. (You can set up items from the event manager and managers’ log to display on the calendar to remind you.)

After you tweak which days you want to include in the model, click “Recalculate Trends”, then the “Load Projected into text boxes” button to move your work into the actual forecast calendar.

Please contact Ctuit if you want more information on how to better leverage this powerful module.


New Clients

Ctuit welcomes the following new clients to our family:
Cattlemens is a casual, western-themed steakhouse chain. Family-owned and operated, each of the eight California locations follows the “Cattlemens Code,” offering the feel and flavor of the old west, aged and hand-cut beef, the finest ingredients, and old-fashioned Western hospitality.

Duckworth’s Grill and Taphouse has four locations based in North Carolina and is known for its authentic Philly Cheesesteaks, Subs, Fresh Cut Fries and over 40 taps of Beer.

French Fry Heaven has a simple mission: “To serve the best fries on earth, be every-where people are hungry, leave you with a smile on your face and make a significant positive impact on the world!” French Fry Heaven serves two kinds of fries, Angels and Saints. Angels are classic fries topped with condiments that range from traditional ketchup to more unique flavors from around the world, like the Garlic Parmesan with Black Truffle Salt. The sweet potato fries, called Saints, are served either salty or with sweet toppings like cinnamon and sugar, caramel, and pumpkin spice.

Customer Service News

Ongoing Training
Ctuit continues to offer General Training webinars, open to all clients. These webinars are designed to teach your general users how to log on and navigate the Ctuit site. We will show them how to run reports and teach them about Ctuit modules, functions and features that they may not be familiar with.

This quarter, we will be featuring demos of advanced modules including Labor Scheduling, GL Sales and Events Management as well as our new Mobile App, On The Fly. Additionally we will continue our ongoing training webinars for various features in Ctuit. We are also introducing a new Focus Reports Webinar Series that will give you an in-depth look at some of the Reports, Widgets, Charts and Exports in Ctuit.
To sign up for any of our training webinars, simply log into Ctuit and navigate to the Training tab, next to Help and Account in the upper left corner of your database, then select the link to your desired webinar for registration. Keep your eyes open for new webinars on this page!



Events and News

Ctuit News

Have you downloaded our new mobile app, On The Fly™? Control costs and manage your business with access to data anytime, anywhere.

  • Check out our blog? Stay tuned for industry news and cost savings tips.

We are listening to you

Each month, we receive dozens of custom requests. We work hard to accommodate your specific needs. Here are some recent custom requests we created.

THE PROBLEM: Clients came to us seeking a way to monitor employees who work over 30 hours in a week.
THE SOLUTION: We added a new report, “Hours Worked Trend”, that allows you to review up to 12 weeks of activity and flag employees that work over a configurable threshold. This can be 30 hours, 29 hours or 20 hours – the choice is yours.

THE PROBLEM: A client noted that while you could lock a User into editing only their assigned Recipe Book(s), those users could still view all recipes in the system via a couple of reports.
THE SOLUTION: We added an additional user setting that allows those reports to be filtered just by the Recipes in assigned Books.

THE PROBLEM: Clients utilizing Intraday Polling noted that they couldn’t schedule a report batch to fire for “today”, which would be useful to get reports that feed off Intraday data.
THE SOLUTION: We added a new frequency option “Today” to our Reports & Export Batches.

THE PROBLEM: Clients pointed out that the name for our manager’s log module was “OML”, though that terminology didn’t obviously describe the functionality.
THE SOLUTION: We relabeled this module as “Manager Log”, in order to align the label with client expectations.

Customer Spotlight


Waterloo Holdings restaurants and pubs operate during all day parts from breakfast time at Jimmy’s Eggs to happy hour at the Bricktown Brewery or late night snacks and a cold beer at Henry Hudson’s Pub. In between they serve thousands of guests daily at S&B Burgers and Old Chicago. They are dedicated to providing the best value to their guests in every category they operate in with the goal of making sure all of their guests enjoy the time they spend at
their restaurants.

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