Ctuit Releases On The Fly version 1.1

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Ctuit is happy to announce the release of On the Fly version 1.1, the latest update to Ctuit’s mobile app.  This update includes a variety of new features that will continue to enhance your ability to view and manage your restaurant’s critical data from your smartphone or tablet device.

The New ‘Today’ Tool
The new ‘Today’ tool displays important sales and labor information about the current day.  A location must be polling intraday in order for sales information to be displayed.  If you are not currently polling intraday, please contact Ctuit for more information.

  • Sales:  The Sales section displays the sales, guest count, check count, and entrée count for each hour of operation at the selected location.
  • Approaching Overtime:  This section displays a list of employees that are approaching overtime according to the overtime thresholds set up in Company Configuration.
  • Shifts:  The Shifts section displays a list of all the shifts scheduled at the selected location.  This section also displays the scheduled in/out times for each shift and the actual in/out times for each shift.

The New ‘Key Info’ Module

The information displayed in RADAR’s Key Info module can now be accessed from the new Key Info module in On The Fly.  Like the Key Info module in RADAR, the Key Info module in On the Fly can display information for a variety of different metrics (e.g., Net Sales, Gross Sales, Labor Dollars, Labor Hours, etc.) during various date ranges at a selected location or location group.  The red/green goal color scheme has also been incorporated into the mobile version of this module.

Improved Search Functionality on the ‘Check Reprint’ Tool
The search functionality on the Check Reprint tool has been improved to allow for more dynamic check searches.  The ‘Keyword or #’ field can now be used to search many parts of a check to quickly find a match.  This enables searching for checks with a specific item sold, server, table, number, or payment.

Ability to Reply to a Manager Log Message
You can now reply to a Manager Log message from the mobile app.  Selecting Reply at the end of the message will allow you to respond to messages from your mobile device.

On The Fly™ is available in the App Store and on Google Play

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