Remarkable 29% Increase in Year-Over-Year Sales

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Novato, CA – November 14, 2013 – Ctuit Software, the leader in Business Intelligence software for restaurants, announced today that they have been growing 29% year-over-year, now with over 3,600 restaurant locations. This remarkable growth represents Ctuit’s broad offering, exceptional customer service and the trend toward Business Intelligence analytics in the industry.

Since 2000, Ctuit has grown from a garage startup to staff in Texas, Boston, Florida and California, supporting their 3,600+ restaurant locations. With no outside investment, Ctuit is 100% private and employee owned. With this rapid growth, Ctuit has expanded both its Novato and Houston offices to accommodate their 37% employee increase. Ctuit expects to increase their staff by an additional 30% in the next year.

In a competitive space, Ctuit attributes its success to a few simple factors: a secure, reliable and affordable product driven by client demands and providing superior customer service. Not only are they helping their clients with the day-to-day management of their food and labor costs by providing accurate and timely data, but Ctuit also helps their clients with optional modules like GL Sales (financial reporting), Accounts Payable, Inventory, Recipe Management, Labor Scheduling, Benchmarking, Speed of Service and Event Management.

Customer service is another key factor in Ctuit’s success. Ctuit’s customer service team has grown with Ctuit’s growth. Since inception, Ctuit has been able to maintain a 99%+ annual retention rate due to its exceptional product and superior customer service.

“Restaurants are placing a large focus in the analytics, BI, and Big Data space right now,” states Rob D’Ambrosia, President and CEO of Ctuit Software. He continues, “People are learning what can be done with analytics and are intrigued by the benefits of the enhanced insight. The democratization of information access is revolutionary and with our intuitive software, clients are embracing our tool upon implementation.”

About Ctuit Software
Ctuit Software Inc. was founded in San Rafael, California, in 2000 with a mission to develop and deliver Business Intelligence and Decision Support Infrastructure to the restaurant industry. Ctuit’s RADAR – extracts the critical data from sales, labor, and accounting that yields key intelligence upon which profitable business decisions are made. In addition, operational, financial and exception based reporting is available company-wide with the adoption of optional modules like GL Sales (financial reporting) Accounts Payable, Inventory, Recipe Management, Labor Scheduling and Event Management. With Ctuit RADAR – accounting, finance, marketing and operations departments can make changes to improve customer satisfaction, sales and margins. Ctuit Software is a private, employee owned company with its corporate office based in Novato, California.

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