On Your RADAR – Winter 2014

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What’s New with RADAR

This recently released module (which is included with standard polling) allows for the comparative analysis of one or more restaurants’ key metrics to a control group of “anonymous” locations. Your RADAR site admin can create control groups to suit your specific needs, such as sales volume, franchisee, west coast, airports, concept, etc.

Using this module, restaurant managers and executive teams have been able to quickly identify variances, strengths and areas of opportunity by comparing check averages, sales by daypart, comps, promos, voids, and menu items groups, in addition to other key metrics.

Additionally, over 20 Benchmarking widgets are available to be displayed on your company’s Dashboards.

Contact Client Services client_services@ctuit.com for assistance with activating this module.

Profit Building with Ctuit

“80-20 Rule for Food Cost”

The “80-20 Rule” (officially known as the “Pareto Principle”) states that 80 percent of effects come from 20% of the causes. You can apply this same principle to food cost.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed costing out your entire menu. In fact, it’s so rigorous that most restaurants never finish. Instead of costing every single ingredient, limit each recipe to the top 3 or four ingredients that represent the most cost.

For example, if you are costing a hamburger, determine your cost for the beef, bun, cheese, and fries. The remaining items (onion slice, lettuce, condiments, and garnishes) usually won’t affect whether or not you are charging correctly for the item.

After you calculate your simplified recipes using any tool (Excel works great), enter the results into the Quick Plate Cost Module.

Now, you’ll have immediate benefit to two very impactful reports in Radar: the “Theoretical Item Cost Detail Report” will show you which items are yielding the most profit to your bottom line, and the “4R Report” is an industry-common quadrant analysis intuitively displaying which items are helping and hurting profitability.


Please contact Client Services to turn on this module. This is included as part of RADAR base polling.

New Clients

Ctuit welcomes the following new clients to our family:

Ethan Stowell Restaurants comprises an eclectic group of 8 award-winning restaurants based in the Seattle market. Co-Owners Ethan and Angela Stowell say, ” We keep it simple. We like to use fresh ingredients and we like to let the food do the talking. Generous bowls of house-made pasta, locally foraged vegetables, delicately prepared fish, wood-fired pizza, a steak or two to share and a passion for doing it right is what drives us.”

National Coney Island features a menu filled with great-tasting, all-American classics including Detroit-style Coney Island hot dogs, fresh salads, tasty sandwiches, premium Angus burgers, hand-dipped milkshakes, Sander’s Hot Fudge Sundaes and cream puffs, and the best breakfast in town! Their award-winning Coney dogs and famous chili sauce are hometown favorites, and National Coney Island has been voted Detroit’s #1 Coney Island year after year!

Rotolo’s Pizzeria has “risen” to 26+ locations by providing friendly service, fresh veggies prepared daily, homemade sauces from authentic ingredients, and their original dough made fresh every day at every location. Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar is a chef-driven burger joint with the most amazing burger you’ve ever had, starters and salads, homemade desserts and hand spun milkshakes, as well as vegetarian and gluten free options.

Customer Service News

Ongoing Training
Ctuit continues to offer training and informational webinars, open to all clients. Due to popular demand, this quarter we have increased the number of General Training, Admin Configuration and User Manager & Privilege Group Webinars to help new companies and users get familiar with navigation and implementation. These webinars show users how to run reports as well as show Ctuit modules, functions and features that users may not be familiar with.

To sign up for any of our training webinars, simply log into RADAR and navigate to the Training tab, next to the Help and Account icons in the upper left corner of your database. On the calendar select the link to your desired webinar for registration. Keep your eyes open for new webinars on this page!


Events and News

Ctuit News

We are listening to you

Each month, we receive dozens of custom requests. We work hard to accommodate your specific needs. Here are some recent custom requests we created.

THE PROBLEM: Clients were having issues with their payroll data due to incorrect or missing employee birthdates or employee hire dates.
THE SOLUTION: We created a new Global Export “Employees with Blank Hire Date or Birthdate” where this information can be extracted from Radar so the entries can be corrected.

THE PROBLEM: A client expressed frustration that while the Aloha point of sale system will automatically tender checks left open over night to cash, they did not have a good mechanism to monitor for such activity.
THE SOLUTION: We created a new export “Tenders performed between these times”, which allows for specifying a start and end time range along with tender types in order to generate a results set for transaction audits.

THE PROBLEM: When there are changes for an event regarding menu changes or timing of the event, the kitchen was missing the notes because it did not stand out enough.
THE SOLUTION: We added a new Notes field on the Food tab of the Event Details page in the Event Management module, which is also populating the Event Contract and Kitchen Event reports to assist with tracking and communicating any changes.

THE PROBLEM: The Alerts column in Accounts Payable on the Invoice Batch and Invoice Batch Details pages would not display an alert if there are Bad AP Prices. The client had to drill all the way down to the Invoice to find any Bad AP Prices.
THE SOLUTION: We added an option, “Show Bad AP Price Alerts”, to the Invoice Batches page that allows you to select whether or not you would like to be alerted to invoice batches that contain one or more bad AP prices. When activated, this feature that will now display the Bell alert icon and the number of alerts in parentheses next to the icon, both on the Invoice Batch and Invoice Batch Details pages.

THE PROBLEM: Clients were limited to downloading a standard template in the Inventory Module for the Download/Upload Vendor Purchase Items. There was no option to populate the template with existing Vendor Purchase Item information from the system.
THE SOLUTION: We added additional options for downloading the Vendor Purchase Items (VPI’s) template in the Inventory Module on the Upload Vendor Purchase Items page. The template can now be downloaded as an Excel (xls) file or as Comma Separated Values (csv). In addition to the standard template, there is the ability to download current VPI’s from the system with options to filter by Location and Vendor.

THE PROBLEM: On the Hours Worked Trend report, the Span Average calculation was including weeks with zero hours in the average calculation which lowered and potentially skewed the final results.
THE SOLUTION: The default behavior now excludes zero hour weeks from the Span Average calculation, only averaging weeks with hours worked. We added an option “Include Zero in Span Average” which will include all weeks with or without hours worked in the selected # of Weeks to Trend on the report.

Customer Spotlight


My Fit Foods was founded 7 years ago by, Mario Mendias, a local Houston personal trainer who discovered that some of his clients were just not seeing the results from exercise alone.  When he started to inquire about what they were eating, he found a big problem – their diet!  So, he started cooking healthy balanced meals for his clients out of his small apartment and the results were amazing…. 80% of your results are from what you are actually putting into your body.  He wanted to help his clients get the results they were after and thus My Fit Foods was born!

My Fit Foods is a takeout operation for fresh, healthy, pre-portioned meals and snacks. They are dedicated to making sure every meal you eat is not only healthy, but also balanced and tastes good. They weigh every single ounce of protein and carbohydrates to make sure that your body always gets the right amount of nutrients that it needs and they only cook with the best ingredients. They have locations in 6 states with over 80 outlets.

Ready to see how we can help your restaurant? Schedule an Appointment