Ctuit’s Payroll Validation Module Saves Restaurant Clients Significant Time and Money

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Novato, CA – August 5, 2014 – Ctuit Software, the leader in restaurant management software for restaurants, today announced the release of their newest module, Payroll Validation.

Ctuit RADAR’s Payroll Validation module, which is included in the Ctuit RADAR Base polling package, is designed to help identify and prevent potential mistakes with employee pay before checks are processed. This popular module allows Ctuit clients to easily track pay rate changes, missed clock-out punches, incorrect minimum wages and much more. By catching errors in paychecks before they are issued, restaurants have reported significant time and money savings each pay period.

This highly configurable module allows for the customization of validation rules including the ability to validate by location and configure the module to meet each restaurants needs on a state-by-state basis. Payroll Validation allows Ctuit RADAR clients to set up rules, which allow users to monitor missing employee information, minimum wage, shift length, and consecutive days worked as well as special pay and unprocessed meal break waivers.

“Our unique and proprietary Payroll Validation module saves our clients time – and in most cases – substantial money,” states Rob D’Ambrosia, President and CEO of Ctuit. He continues, “Restaurants using this added value module have already benefitted from the savings with very little effort to set up.”

Ctuit RADAR provides a complete above-store and analytical reporting tool that gives restaurant managers, owners, and operators deep insight and control to quickly identify trends and manage operations. Other modules available with RADAR include GL Sales (a financial module with integrations into the clients accounting solution), Accounts Payable, Inventory, Recipes, Event Management, Labor Scheduling, Payroll Exports and Special Pay (labor laws monitoring).

About Ctuit Software

Ctuit Software Inc. was founded in San Rafael, California, in 2000 with a mission to develop and deliver Business Intelligence and Decision Support Infrastructure to the restaurant industry. Ctuit’s RADAR – extracts the critical data from sales, labor, and accounting that yields key intelligence upon which profitable business decisions are made. In addition, operational, financial and exception based reporting is available company-wide with the adoption of optional modules like GL Sales (financial reporting) Accounts Payable, Inventory, Recipe Management, Labor Scheduling and Event Management. With Ctuit RADAR – accounting, finance, marketing and operations departments can make changes to improve customer satisfaction, sales and margins. Ctuit Software is a private, employee owned company with its corporate office based in Novato, California.

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