On Your RADAR – Winter 2015

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What’s New at Ctuit

On The Fly Mobile App 1.4 Updates

Ctuit launched an update to our popular mobile app, On The Fly™ 1.4.
This update includes new and improved features that give mobile users the ability to view and build employee schedules and advanced ability to take inventory “on the fly.” Improvements to the critical Inventory module have already saved Ctuit Software customers countless hours and dollars. A custom number keyboard designed specifically for On The Fly’s Inventory module has been added for easy and consistent data entry from any phone or tablet. This new feature is saving restaurant chefs and Management teams from using a sheet of paper and then entering their inventory values into RADAR on a desktop computer. Update today at Windows, App Store or Google Play

Profit Building with Ctuit

Monitoring Recipe Prices

The “Recipe Cost Trend” chart is something users of RADAR’s recipe module will definitely want to get familiar with. It allows you to trend the cost of any recipe (menu items and batch recipes) over the course of the last year. You should find it very useful for monitoring seasonal trends (especially for seasonal ingredients). In addition, the chart supports multi-location select so you can compare costs between locations or groups of locations.

Here’s a very ‘real world’ example:

Weekly Recipe Cost


In this example, over the course of the last year there have been three significant changes in cost, with two significant interruptions.  When you see activity like this, it should be a trigger to ask questions like, “What caused the dip around week 15 or the spike around week 35?” (Both questions can be answered by running the “Inventory Item Cost Trend” chart for each of the ingredients / sub recipes in the recipe you are researching.  Also be sure to check item and recipe history for changes in yields or recipe amounts.)

In addition to managing anomalies, you can also use the chart to find seasonal variations that you can use to coordinate menu price changes in order to keep your menu at peak performance.

New Clients

Ctuit is proud to welcome the following new clients to our family:

Mendocino Farms elevates the fast-casual restaurant experience by combining the highest level of Farm Hospitality with a unique chef-driven menu featuring premium ingredients from local farmers and food artisans.  Their approach is to reimagine classic sandwiches by giving them a modern interpretation, and reconstruct fine dining entrees and preparations at the sandwich level. Mendocino Farms’ neighborhood sandwich shops are designed to offer an inviting community gathering place where our guests can come together for good food and good company.  Founded in 2005 by co-owners Mario Del Pero and Ellen Chen, Mendocino Farms will open a ninth restaurant location in Westlake Village this month, adding to the eight current locations in Marina del Rey, Downtown Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, and Costa Mesa.



Baileys’ Restaurant Group is a St. Louis-centric company, employing more than 300 people serving more than 500,000 customers each year. Not only are all of their restaurants in St. Louis, nearly all of their staff live and work there, furthering their dedication to the great city of St. Louis. Baileys’ Restaurants, like many families, is diverse in taste, style, and personality. Their sole focus and goal is always to provide anybody walking through their doors with a uniquely memorable experience.

Baileys’ Restaurants started in 2004 with the opening of their first restaurant, Baileys’ Chocolate Bar, in beautiful and historic Lafayette Square. Their family and friends cleaned up the space, painted the walls, and made the artwork.  Everything was done by hand and made from scratch, which is a continuing tradition. Since then, they have added Rooster,Bridge Tap House, Baileys’ Range, The Fifth Wheel @ 4Hands, The Fifth Wheel Catering, and Small Batch, as well as their newest location of Rooster on South Grand Blvd.

Their restaurants share a unique central kitchen and own bakery, which allows them to make nearly everything from scratch. The chefs butcher and smoke whole hogs and cattle, bake all of their own breads and pastries, and make every sauce and dressing. They do everything they can to bring their customers affordable farm-to-table-fare.

Additionally, they serve only local, responsibly raised, antibiotic & hormone-free meats, including Missouri grass-fed beef.  They truly are custodians of the land and surroundings and firmly believe in better foods for the benefit of the environment, the Midwest, and most importantly, all their customers.

Client Service News

Meet the Team
You’ve been meeting some of the faces behind Ctuit Software on our Facebook page and we’d love to introduce you too! Send a brief bio and image from your company to dpepp@ctuit.com and we will share it on our page.

Training Features
Ctuit’s Training Video collection continues to grow! Maximize your investment by utilizing free training videos, webinars and documents to provide in-depth knowledge to your new and existing users. Ctuit continues to offer ongoing training through Training Webinars, Videos and Help Files accessible through the Training Tab in the upper left corner of your database.

Payroll Validation
Last year Ctuit introduced the Payroll Validation module which is included with Ctuit RADAR’s base polling package. This highly configurable module allows for the customization of validation rules that will allow you to save time, money and ensure your historical labor numbers are correct. This year the Payroll Validation module will be obligatory to ensure that your managers are verifying the data to identify potential mistakes with employee pay checks before they’re processed!

Events and News

Ctuit News

135Island’s Restaurant has reduced labor, increased server productivity and controlled costs using Ctuit Software. “We have realized over a 50% savings from Ctuit’s configurable and robust solution. Our annual fees are less than 50% of what we were paying with our previous provider,” states Trey Menz, Director of IT, of Islands Restaurant. Read more here.

Ctuit Software’s blog provides industry insight and tips from our Operations Specialists. In case you missed them, here are some of our latest blog articles, written by some of our industry experts.

TechAdvisor Media interviewed our founder and CEO, Rob D’Ambrosia, about his beginnings in the restaurant industry to Ctuit’s growth to over 5,000 restaurant locations.

Interview with Ctuit Software’s CEO Rob D’Ambrosia
This year the SF-Marin Food Bank was able to distribute 47 million pounds of food, nourishing 225,000 people through their programs thanks to the help of their many volunteers. Ctuit team members worked alongside other volunteers at the Food Bank warehouse in Novato to help sort and pack food donations for distribution.

Venga Partnership Update

2014 was a great year for the Ctuit and Venga partnership, and we expect 2015 to be even bigger! Combine the power of Ctuit’s operational analytics with Venga’s OpenTable and POS integrated guest insights to get a more complete picture of your restaurant.

Venga revolutionizes the way restaurants connect with their customers. For the first time, restaurants can seamlessly track and analyze their customer’s purchases, habits, preferences to improve the guest experience, power targeted marketing, and build true loyalty. Venga is used by international restaurant groups and backed by restaurant industry executives, celebrity chefs, and technology entrepreneurs.

For more information please contact: Michael Kapash at mkapash@ctuit.com or Winston Lord atwinston@getvenga.com.

We are Listening to You

Each month, we receive dozens of feature requests. We work hard to accommodate your specific needs. Here are some recent feature requests we created.

THE PROBLEM: In the Payroll Validation module, when failed validation results were returned there was no way to export of print them.
THE SOLUTION: A new “Export Results” option has been added when the results are displayed after performing the validation, allowing the results to be exported.

THE PROBLEM: In the Prep module there was no ability to separate the prep functions to work in a commissary setup, only per location in RADAR.
THE SOLUTION: In the Prep module, we added the option to have commissary capability and planning for the prep process across multiple locations.

THE PROBLEM: In the Accounts Payable module, when working with Purchase Orders, any changes to Vendor Purchase Items had to be done individually and manually.
THE SOLUTION: A new tool has been added to the Accounts Payable module. There is now the ability to find and replace VPI’s and make bulk modifications.

THE PROBLEM: In the Accounts Payable module, clients who are Comprehensive AP but not using Inventory did not have a way to upload Vendor Purchase Items mapped to Inventory Items.
THE SOLUTION: The “Upload VPIs” tool has been made available under the Accounts Payable module for clients that are Comprehensive AP but do not utilize the Inventory module.

THE PROBLEM: Employees who have been terminated were not being correctly and completely removed from RADAR and there was no way to filter or search for this group of employees.
THE SOLUTION: In the Employee Data module, we have added filters to show active employees who have had no time activity in the last 21 or 90 days.

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