Ctuit RADAR RADAR is a restaurant management software suite of tools and dashboards that provide deep insight into your restaurants’ financial and operational performance, helping you control costs and streamline business functions including restaurant inventory management, recipe costing, food costing, labor scheduling and accounting.
Customer Testimonials
Dashboards & Analysis
Enterprise Back Office
Full Cost of Goods
Labor Scheduling and Compliance
  • Ctuit RADAR is restaurant management software providing business intelligence for restaurant inventory management, restaurant scheduling, reducing restaurant labor costs, food cost improvement and increased profitability for your food service business. Increase sales and drive profitability while reducing labor and food costs.
  • Dashboards & Analysis
    RADAR’s web-based environment provides visibility and insight to your organization’s data to help identify trends and cost savings.
  • RADAR helps you manage payroll, track invoices and access vendor information while integrating with leading accounting software packages.
  • Full Cost of Goods
    RADAR gives you access to cost of goods with the ability to record and monitor inventory on-hand values, cost out recipes and compare sales price margins.
  • Labor Scheduling and Compliance
    RADAR’s labor management tools keep your organization operating at peak staffing levels while helping you stay compliant.

Restaurant Management Software

  • Intuitive, Web-based graphical dashboard environment for non-technical restaurant operators.
  • Drill Down. Detailed metrics and trends on your restaurant operations including sales, inventory and labor.
  • Manager Log. Dynamic, web-based version of a traditional restaurant manager's log.
  • Useful Analysis for Every Department. Operations, finance, fraud prevention, HR and payroll, purchasing, marketing, and more.
Why Ctuit
  • High Client Satisfaction. With over 99% client retention annually, our customers know the value of using RADAR as their restaurant management software.
  • Ctuit was founded in January 2000, giving us 14 years of knowledge and success in the restaurant management software industry.
  • Made in the USA. RADAR's code is 100% developed in the USA.
  • Everyone on Ctuit’s support team is a seasoned restaurant veteran. And there is no better training ground for exceptional customer service than working in restaurants.