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Restaurant Manager Log

The Ctuit Manager Log is a web-based version of a traditional restaurant manager's log.  This dynamic log combines your POS sales and labor data to show highly detailed information, allow data queries, and send emails as needed. This is a core module of Ctuit RADAR.


  • Location specific view of that day's weather, sales metrics, and manager notes available from any internet connection
  • Assign tasks, track staffing activity, and record events or reservations
  • Run reports on a variety of information added by managers including a daily manager's log email reports
  • Send messages to one or more locations and set reminders for the future
  • Fully integrates with Ctuit's Event Management module for event notification
  • Incident flagging that can be tied to email alerts
  • Customizable and searchable categories for log messages
  • Similar look and feel to a traditional manager log notebook for quick adoption
  • Set manager font color and style so each log entry can be quickly recognized
  • Remotely view any manager log entry from your mobile device using the On The Fly mobile app
  • Integrates with POS employee data for automatic notification of staff review dates or certification renewals


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