Ctuit RADAR RADAR is a restaurant management software suite of tools and dashboards that provide deep insight into your restaurants’ financial and operational performance, helping you control costs and streamline business functions including restaurant inventory management, recipe costing, food costing, labor scheduling and accounting.
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A Mobile App for Restaurant Management: On The Fly™

On The Fly™
Manage your business with access to your data anytime, anywhere.
Ctuit Software’s mobile app On The Fly™ delivers your restaurant’s critical data to your smartphone or tablet device.


  • Use On The Fly™ in conjunction with RADAR to monitor sales, labor, product mix, and check level detail at both the organization and location level.
  • Communicate with your team through the Manager Log to make log entries, notes and see task details.
  • Adding intraday polling will deliver near real time data for more timely business decisions.
  • Easily see sales trends and product mix distribution using charts.


  • Review net and gross sales, check and guest counts to get daily/weekly/monthly numbers.

  • View multiple locations at once and compare information to yield valuable insight.
  • Monitor and investigate comp, promo, and void activity.
  • Manage labor costs and drive profitability by reviewing dollars spent and hours worked by location and by job.
  • View labor percentages, sales per labor hour and employee punch in/out detail.
  • Send messages, add log entries and view manager log information.
  • Search for a check and see transaction level detail.
  • Spanish language support.
On The Fly™ - Ctuit Software      

 On The Fly™ is available in the App Store and on Google Play


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View sales, comps, labor and guest counts by the organization and location levels.
Monitor your items sold product mix.
Communicate with your team through the Manager Log and make log entries, notes and see task details.
Manager Log