The restaurant management software that helps you control costs and increase profitability and performance



Restaurant management software that streamlines restaurant activities and provides insight to financial and operational performance

CTUIT On The Fly

On The Fly

A mobile app powered by RADAR that delivers operational tools connecting managers to vital restaurant data in real time

CTUIT Schedules


Allows employees to receive schedules, trade shifts, request time off and send messages through any mobile device

Enterprise Back Office
Manage Your Restaurant with Business Intelligence

Cut costs, save time, and increase overall efficiency and performance of your restaurant 

Reduce Food and Beverage Costs

Control food and beverage costs, improve recipe margins, and increase restaurant profits 

Gain Business Insight
Increase Sales and Drive Profits

Improve standards and quality of service, maximize productivity, and measure performance  

Optimize Restaurant Labor Performance
Optimize Labor to Optimize Service

Reduce and control labor costs with better labor scheduling and forecasting, ensuring quality of service 

Ctuit RADAR - A Responsive Restaurant Management Application

Learn how Ctuit clients use RADAR to improve their restaurants.

Pitfire Pizza
Johnny's Italian Steakhouse
Islands - Fine Burgers & Drinks
Black Bear Diner
CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries Inc.
Diversified Restaurant Holdings Inc.

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